Samsung Partners With Sensory For Face/Voice Biometrics


The latest Samsung devices provide some great security options that offer an ideal balance between protection and convenience, such as authentication via fingerprint or iris scanning. Soon, the company will offer additional methods of authentication: face and voice recognition. While similar features already exist in Android, Samsung's solution will be developed by Sensory using TrulySecure technology, and will be highly accurate and compliant with FIDO standards. And rather than being a method for unlocking the device, Samsung's face and voice recognition will be capable of securing applications and authenticating mobile transactions.

While facial recognition and voice recognition each provide security individually, this implementation will increase security by requiring both to authenticate actions on the device. While this adds a layer of security, it doesn't make the authentication process more difficult, as users can simply look at their device's camera while speaking the pre-defined passphrase to verify both at the same time. If the user prefers convenience to heightened security, settings can be changed to only require one or the other, so that if only one is recognized, it passes the verification process without the need for the other. This could prove to be more practical in situations where the device's camera is having trouble recognizing the user's face, or when using verbal commands is not possible. Mobile payment solutions are slowly gaining traction, but due to their need to be both convenient and secure, it can be a challenge to find the right balance. This solution may provide an option that increases security without discouraging users from taking advantage of it by slowing them down.

Although this implementation will likely be more seamlessly integrated into the device, Sensory has offered similar security in the form of an app, called AppLock Face/Voice Recognition, for some time. The app also uses voice and facial recognition to authenticate the user, and, when installed, is required in order to allow them access to certain applications on the device. Samsung has had an ongoing relationship with Sensory, and already uses their technology in the Galaxy S7 for TrulyHandsfree, which provides users the ability to interact with their devices using only their voices. Going forward, it appears that their technology will take a more prominent role on Samsung devices, providing the primary layer of security to protect sensitive data.




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