Samsung May Deactivate Affected Galaxy Note 7 Units Remotely

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS wet 12

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was doing extremely well in the market, with millions of units having already been shipped around the world. However, all that changed when reports from all over the world started to emerge about units exploding while being charged. This prompted the South Korean electronics manufacturer to issue a massive recall of all affected units. While most customers have willingly given up their units to Samsung to be replaced, others haven’t as they assume that their units are safe to be used. To ensure all affected units are off the streets and away from people, there have been reports that state that Samsung will be remotely deactivating all affected Galaxy Note 7 units. Not all units are affected but you may check with your local Samsung to reconfirm if your unit is part of the recall.

This comes after a user on Reddit contacted Samsung via a telephone call. According to the user, Samsung will be sending out a package to all affected Galaxy Note 7 users by mail. In the package will be a replacement unit of the flagship device of your current color, the latest Gear VR, and also a prepaid package to send back the affected unit without any charge. This will be done starting from 19th of September. According to the post, Samsung will be carrying this out in a few countries including France, the UK and Slovakia. However, there is no mention of a free Gear VR for customers in the UK and Slovakia. If units are not exchanged the 30th of September, Samsung will be deactivating all affected Galaxy Note 7 units, to ensure the safety of all customers.

If you have yet to return your affected Galaxy Note 7, it is best to do so as soon as possible, to avoid any complications in the future. In order to do so, contact your point of purchase and they will guide you through the replacement guide. Since the recall was announced, many airlines around the world have banned the charging and usage of the Galaxy Note 7 on its flights, and Samsung shares have taken a major tumble.