Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall: Here's What You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 09 1

There was talk of Samsung perhaps issuing a recall for the Galaxy Note 7, after a number of them actually exploded. Samsung did an investigation to see what was happening, and how to fix it. Ultimately, they issued a worldwide recall for their latest smartphone. This is an unprecedented recall, in the tech world. Many are wondering what this means for their Galaxy Note 7 that they just paid over $800 for. And how they can go about getting it replaced. All four of the US carriers have already issued statements on the issue, and are informing customers on how they can get their unit exchanged or a refund.


Like many of the carriers, AT&T has stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7. AT&T is allowing customers to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 units for another device in store and online. The carrier is “strongly encouraging” their customers to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, because “safety is our top priority.”



In addition to stopping sales of the Galaxy Note 7, Sprint has also announced how users can go about getting a new device. Customers can simply visit any Sprint location and have their Galaxy Note 7 exchanged for a “similar device”. Sprint has not mentioned what a “similar device” entails, however. They also noted that they are “working closely with Samsung to ensure those customers who already purchased the device are taken care of.”



The Uncarrier is perhaps handling the recall the best way. T-Mobile is offering up full refunds for those that picked up a Galaxy Note 7. You can simply take the device and any accessories you bought for the Galaxy Note 7 from T-Mobile to your local store and get it refunded. Restocking and shipping fees are also being handled by the carrier. So the customer will get all of their money back, and purchase another smartphone. T-Mobile did mention that newer models, preferably ones that aren’t going to explode, will be in stock in the next couple of weeks. But for now, sales are halted.


Verizon, too, is stopping the sales of the Galaxy Note 7. For those that want to return or exchange their device, the process is similar to T-Mobile’s. Simply take your device into your local Verizon store and you can return it or exchange it for another smartphone. Verizon is waiving the restocking fee for Galaxy Note 7 customers, now through September 30th, 2016. Verizon hasn’t stated when they expect new shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 to arrive, however.