Samsung: Galaxy Note 7 Available Across Europe Late November


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently in an unprecedented state of recall where Samsung is looking to round up all the Galaxy Note 7s that were sold prior to September 15 and replace them with newer ones. The reason being is that those earlier batch devices are thought to be prone to an issue with the battery. While the general recall is still ongoing, Samsung has also been working hard to make sure that the Galaxy Note 7 can get back to an 'on sale' state as soon as is humanly possible. However, when that time is, depends and differs for different regions. For instance, Samsung is expected to begin sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea from as early as September 28. Likewise, Canada and the US is expecting to see its general availability commence in October. In Europe though, while the wait will be a little longer Samsung seems very keen to make sure the Galaxy Note 7's full European availability is back up and running before the year is out and presumably, before that crucial Holiday season is missed.

In particular, it seems Samsung's European goal is to have the Galaxy Note 7 widely available across the region before the end of November. At least, according to a report today from Reuters and comments made by Samsung's European Chief Marketing Officer, David Lowes. While Lowes was unable to provide exact dates on when availability in Europe will commence, Lowes was noted stating that Samsung "will be looking at the shape of our business and the forecast for that over the coming weeks". Although, Lowes does expect the Note 7 to make a full appearance in Europe "well before the end of the fourth quarter" and likely "by the end of November".

While it stands to reason that Samsung would want the Note 7 available as soon as possible for sales alone, the end of 2016 goal seems much more than simply getting the Note 7 back in shops. In fact, the comments by Lowes, in many ways suggest this is as much about the mental aspect for Samsung as anything else. With Lowes noting that Samsung wants to "get that momentum back" and further adding, that the hope is to "set ourselves up for a strong 2017". So while sales will be of a high importance in the period leading up to Christmas, Samsung does seem equally as keen on making sure they can put this chapter to bed long before this year closes out, with a view to starting 2017 under much better circumstances. Presumably, so the company can move forward and start to get the market interested in the next upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. Interestingly, Lowes also did make it clear that in spite of the company wanting to get back on track by 2017, they are not looking to push the Galaxy Note 7 under the carpet and move on. In fact, if anything, the comments by Lowes seem to suggest the opposite as Lowes notes that Samsung intends to "give Note7 all the support we were going to give it in the first place", while further adding that Samsung is hoping to fulfill the demand that "we created" as quickly as they can.

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