Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 7 Inspection, No Comment On Recall

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 02 logo

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the latest major flagship smartphone from Samsung and has already proven to be a hit with consumers. Ever since the Galaxy Note 7 was announced and its pre-order status commenced, early indications have continually suggested this is going to be an extremely good selling and performing smartphone.

However, in recent days, a tide of sorts has turned for the Galaxy Note 7. This is thanks to a number of (limited) reports coming through suggesting the smartphone might be suffering from certain issues. Namely battery issues, as some reports have detailed batteries exploding. This is among other issues that have started to be noted with the handset in general. In fact, this then led to the confirmation that shipping delays were taken effect in certain areas due to ‘quality testing’. Which has now further led to the news which came through earlier today that Samsung might actually be preparing to recall the Galaxy Note 7. That is, a worldwide recall of all handsets sold.

Since then, a company spokesperson has reached out the VentureBeat and provided some clarity on Samsung’s current stance on the matter. Firstly, the spokesperson has confirmed that Samsung is “conducting a thorough inspection” in regards to the issues being raised over the Galaxy Note 7. The same statement notes that Samsung “will share the findings as soon as possible” and that they are “fully committed to providing the highest quality products to our consumers.”


So while Samsung does seem to be confirming that they are seriously investigating the complaints and the matter in general, it seems the company declined to comment on whether they do plan on issuing a full product recall or not. Whether that is symbolic of the fact that they do not want to admit a recall just yet, or are still undecided on whether a recall is the right (or needed) course of action, remains to be seen. Although, with this being a very important period in the Galaxy Note 7 history (both in terms of awareness and sales), it does stand to reason that Samsung will want to bring this chapter to a close as soon as possible – one way or the other.