Rumor: Samsung to Launch Galaxy S8 Earlier?


Each and every year we see Samsung launch a vast array of smartphones, but there always has and always will be two lines that stand out from the crowd; the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. Traditionally, we've seen Samsung launch the Galaxy S towards the beginning of the year and then the Galaxy Note towards the end of the year. This has been the case for the last four years or so, and it's unlikely that this is to change, however, the Galaxy Note 7's explosive problem has put something of a spanner in the works for the South Korean giant, which could force their hand.

Whenever a large company makes a mistake like this regarding a device launch, they're often looking to make up for it pretty quickly, and while Samsung is working hard to get new and safe Galaxy Note 7 devices onto store shelves and into the hands of customers, the whole Galaxy Note 7 line could be forgotten altogether by a lot of customers. To that end, Samsung will be looking to their next big release to rekindle some lost trust with customers, as well as help improve their bottom line, which as certainly seen a hit thanks to the Galaxy Note 7. According to some, this means that the Galaxy S8 release might be moved forward in order for Samsung to cover up the mess that has been the Galaxy Note 7 launch. We covered earlier the news that the likely reveal date for the Galaxy S8 is going to be February 26th, 2017. This has been worked out by using some history as well as seeing when next year's Mobile World Congress is to be held.

Given that the Galaxy S8 is unlikely to be a revolutionary launch compared to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, it'd come as no surprise if Samsung were almost finished with the upcoming device. If they were to forget Mobile World Congress altogether, this gives Samsung two choices; to hold an event of their own sometime between the beginning of January and February or announce the device during the Consumer Electronics Show, held every year in January in Las Vegas. Considering that the first quarter of any given year is a bad one for sales of smartphones, it's unlikely Samsung will launch during this period, and we need to remember that Samsung had the Galaxy S7 launch event and devices on shelves very close together this year. Whatever the case, it's likely that the Galaxy S8 is going to be one of the biggest pushes surrounding a device launch that we've seen from Samsung in a long, long time.

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