Rumor: Google's Pixel Will Cost $649, Pixel XL Will Cost More

It's that time of the year when Nexus (or in the case of this year, Pixel) speculation is rife. As a result, the last few weeks and months have brought with them rumors and speculation on the names, the specs, the features, the design and just about everything else. In fact, while the details on the pricing of the upcoming Pixel phones is somewhat limited, there has been some speculation about the price. Most namely, a rumor which emerged last month suggesting that the Pixel XL would come with a $649 price tag.

In terms of the Nexus range, while not extremely high-priced, this would place the Pixel XL somewhere towards the top of the Nexus pricing structure. Which in reality would seem to make sense, as the Pixel XL is thought to be the 'better' of the two devices. Take that to mean bigger, better-designed and using more premium materials. Although, if the latest information coming through is anything to go by, then it looks like the upcoming Pixel phones will be even more expensive than anyone first thought.

According to a new report from Android Police, it is not actually the Pixel XL which will be priced at $649. Instead, it will be the Pixel. Needless to say, as the Pixel XL is deemed the better of the two smartphones, the standard Pixel is thought of as the more affordable option, making use of a smaller display, plastic accents instead of metal (and/or glass) and so on. Therefore, the logical assumption being made is that the Pixel XL will be even more expensive than $649. Although, how much more expensive currently remains to be seen. It is also worth keeping in mind that the suggestion being made is that the $649 price will be for the 32GB Pixel model. As it is largely expected that the Pixel will come in more than one variant (including a larger than 32GB model), this suggests the standard Pixel will also come in a more expensive (higher than $649) variant as well. In addition, there is also the suggestion that the expected Daydream VR headset will be priced at $80, although the confidence in this particular price rumor seems less than the general Pixel pricing. Of course, it does need to be kept in mind that this is not a confirmation, just the latest information coming through.

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