Report: Samsung Now Investigating Replacement Galaxy Note 7s


Over the past few weeks there has been quite the hoo-ha over the Galaxy Note 7 and not without merit. This is the latest flagship smartphone to come from Samsung and one which almost immediately after reaching buyers started seeing reports materializing that the phone was catching fire and/or exploding. After an increasing number of reports came through, this eventually led to a product recall for the Galaxy Note 7 for all areas that it had been released prior to the recall date, including the US.

Since then Samsung has been working hard to ensure replacement devices reach the hands of affected buyers. Although, since then other reports have started to come through suggesting there could be issues with those replacement smartphones at well. Granted, not anywhere near the frequency of first batch reports, but enough for an already-troubled phone for the media and Samsung to pay attention to. And that is exactly the case now with a report coming out of the Wall Street Journal today detailing that Samsung is now looking into the issues with the newer and thought to be problem-free Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. In a statement reportedly given by Samsung, the company has confirmed that over the past few weeks "there have been a few reports" coming to their attention regarding the batteries in the replacement models. The statement goes on to note that Samsung is keen to "reassure everyone that the issue does not pose a safety concern".

The issues being noted and what Samsung is investigating is that some of these newer Galaxy Note 7s are said to be getting too hot. Of course, all smartphones do produce some heat and more so when being used to a greater degree. The statement noted by Samsung picks up on this point by pointing out that under normal circumstance "all smartphones may experience temperature fluctuations". Although, some of the cases happen to be detailing instances where the replacement Note 7s are too hot to be used and especially too hot to be placed against the ear. Either way, Samsung is said to be working closely with the individuals who are finding issues with their already-replaced Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. For those concerned about their replacement Galaxy Note 7, according to the details coming through, it is only some units in South Korea and the US that are being noted and subsequently, investigated.

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