Rebuild A City And Defend It In 'Legends of Heropolis' Game

Android games have matured in a way, there are tons of quality titles available out there these days, and we do our best to dig up some interesting ones for you every day. Now, have you ever watched a Power Rangers series or a movie perhaps? Well, if you have, then today’s game will be quite familiar to you. We’ll talk about Legends of Heropolis, a rather interesting game which differs from pretty much everything we’ve stumbled upon before, though it picks up elements from various well-known gaming titles, read on.

The first thing you’ll notice when you take a look at the gallery down below, is how dated this game looks. Truth be told, the graphics are not exactly modern, but that’s actually a part of this game’s appeal, which you’ll realize shortly after you start playing it. So, this is a superhero game, and also a city building simulation game. This is an odd combination, that’s true, but somehow it works for Legends of Heropolis. The characters in this game resemble Power Rangers when they’re all suited up and ready for battle, that’s hard to deny. In any case, as soon as you fire up the game, you’ll be asked to choose a name of your hero, its personality, looks, etc. You’ll need to rebuild a town called Heropolis after Evilcorp came in and basically destroyed it. While you’re at it, you’ll need to fight your enemies, and battles are really simple, and are accompanied by old arcade game music. You’ll be able to control more than one hero as time goes by, and, of course, upgrade your heroes to make them more powerful in battle.

It is worth mentioning that your game progress (all game data really) is stored on your device, locally, and you cannot transfer it to a different phone, which is a shame considering some people play their games on multiple devices, and / or change phones often. In-app purchases are also included here, but despite all that, the game is really fun and interesting, and might be worth checking out. Before you download it, though, make sure to check out a set of official images available in the gallery down below.

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