Project Ara Reportedly Dead, Modularity Dream Still Alive


Many of you have probably heard of Google's Project Ara, which is essentially the company's way of trying to bring modular smartphones to the market. Project Ara has been in full motion for quite some time now, but the company never launched it, as the announcement was delayed a number of times. Many tech aficionados were excited about Project Ara, and have been waiting for the company to release more info. Well, a new report has just surfaced, and those of you who were excited about Project Ara smartphones will definitely not like this, read on.

According to a new report, Google might actually cancel Project Ara, as part of the attempt to streamline their new hardware division. This definitely comes as a surprise, if this report is to be believed that is, mainly because Google assured us that the developer version of Project Ara is coming this fall. Google made this promise during this year's Google I/O, and if this report is to be believed, Project Ara might not launch at all. Now, don't get too disappointed, however, as there's more to this story. According to the source, Google might still do business with Project Ara's hardware partners in order to bring its technology to the market in one form or the other. The company is, allegedly, planning to have such tech around and even incorporate it with IoT (Internet of Things) products, though it's very weird and disappointing to hear that modular smartphones might not be available.

TECHnalysis Research's Bob O'Donnell said the following: "This was a science experiment that failed, and they are moving on". He definitely doesn't seem all that surprised Google might halt the project, and it's also worth saying that Google's spokeswoman has declined to comment on the matter. Now, do keep in mind that all this info is coming from two people 'with knowledge of the matter', that's what Reuters said at the very least. We do hope this report is incorrect, and that Project Ara smartphones will become a reality before the end of this year, or at least at some point in the near future. We will keep you posted, as we do expect Google to say something on the matter soon, stay tuned.

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