Possible Codenames, Model Numbers for Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak


While Samsung continues to wrestle with the mess that is the Galaxy Note 7 recall, it's unlikely that the firm will have changed their plans for 2017 as a result. This year, we saw Samsung launch and put on sale, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in March, which is pretty early on in the year. This gives the South Korean giant pretty much all of the year to keep on selling their flagship device, and while we've already seen some possible rumors concerning the Galaxy S8's reveal date, now we're hearing about what could be possible in-house codenames as well as their possible model numbers.

So far, it appears as though the internal codenames for the two versions of the Galaxy S8 are simply Dream, and Dream2. Whether or not these two models are a Galaxy S and Galaxy S Edge model like we saw this year and in 2015 is unclear, especially given that the Galaxy Note 7 launched in one model with curved display edges. It is however, likely that Samsung will release a smaller and a larger version of the Galaxy S8 in order to appeal to more people, with the only thing separating them being the screen size on each. These are the codenames, but the model numbers are said to be SM-G950 and SM-G955. Those familiar with previous Samsung devices will note that the Galaxy S6 line had model numbers based around the SM-G920 format, while the Galaxy S7 line started SM-G930. Carrying this on to its logical conclusion, we would expect the Galaxy S8 to launch with model numbers around an SM-G940 format. This doesn't appear to be the case however, as South Korea – as well as other Asian nations – are somewhat Tetraphobic, meaning that they see the number four as being unlucky and one that's unwise to choose when naming something. Famously, buildings in Asia will often miss out the fourth floor altogether, as it's considered unlucky.

So, while February 26th appears to be the launch date for the Galaxy S8, these model numbers don't help much, really. We can't tell much from a bunch of numbers, and it's possible that these are numbers that have been predicted, rather than "leaked" to SamMobile as Samsung's model numbers often follow a similar pattern.

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