This Pokemon GO Glitch Art May Haunt Your Nightmares


Despite the cheery exterior, longtime fans can tell you that the Pokemon world, especially the fandom, can be a very dark place. Just like in the animal kingdom, some media and fan theories pertain to Pokemon eating each other. Likewise, early Pokemon manga and, again, fan theories show Pokemon dying, rather than fainting from damage in battle like they do in the games. Strange Pokemon fusions, some created by accident, are also nothing new in the Pokemon fandom. Just like any other fandom, there are artists out there who create some seriously haunting works, usually with a high degree of skill. One such artist has taken Twitter by storm. Going by the handle Brachy, this user likes to churn out horrifyingly realistic and vaguely comedic art inspired by glitches in Pokemon GO where one Pokemon shows up in the same space as another.

Using nothing more than some drawing supplies, fan and friend submitted screenshots of Pokemon GO glitches, and a delightfully twisted imagination, Brachy brings to life some of the most outright unsettling Pokemon art the world has ever seen. If you've been a Pokemon fan for a while, you may have pondered at some point what would happen if a Rattata ingested some of the spores that Paras gives off, or exactly how a Dodrio growing inside a Psyduck might look like. Whether you have pondered these things or not, Brachy has made them a reality, along with brutal scenes showing a Magikarp and an Oddish playing their part in the circle of life, and a fusion between a Pidgey and a Rattata that can only be described as terrifying.

It's not all doom, gloom, and Pokemon gore with Brachy's art, of course – Brachy draws tons of other things, most of which end up displayed on Twitter. As for Pokemon GO glitch drawings, so far, only one has come out without significant harm to either Pokemon or extensive body horror; a particularly suave Krabby striking a pose as a tiny Doduo nests comfortably atop its noggin. Sporting┬ásome of the most fascinating and highly unsettling Pokemon art in the fandom, Brachy's Twitter is more than worth a follow if you're into that sort of thing.


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