New Google Video Confirms October 4 'Made By Google' Event

Google Oct 4 Event

The Pixel and the Pixel XL are coming. These are of course, Google’s new smartphones for 2016 and ones which are largely expected to somewhat replace the Nexus range. It has been for some time rumored that these two devices would be unveiled at a launch event on October 4 and it looks like we have now got the final confirmation and from none other than Google.

While Google has not specifically name-dropped the Pixel phones and while that particular aspect still remains directly unconfirmed, it does seem increasingly likely that they will be Pixel phones. More to the point, what Google has now confirmed is that an October 4 event is planned and that a new phone will be released. Google confirmed this thanks to a new video published to YouTube. The video is simply entitled “Google: Oct.4” and while it does not specify a phone is coming, the whole video revolves around a shape shifting (tablet-like) design which eventually adopts the shape of a smartphone. So again, while not directly saying ‘Yes Pixel phones are coming on October 4’, when your read between the lines this is as good as a confirmation will likely get.

The video is quite short and so there is not much to go on besides the fact that the event is happening. Although the video is played against the backdrop of Redbone’s ‘Come And Get your Love’, while the tagline to the video reads “Something new to love on Oct. 4”, which again plays on the notion that this is ‘new’ (read, not Nexus). What is equally as interesting (and just as revealing that this is something ‘new’) the video description also links to a page where you can sign up to be notified of any developments regarding the event. However, this is not just any old sign up page, this is one which comes listed under the domain “madeby.google.com”. Further adding to the recent rumors and suggestions that not only will these devices not be Nexus devices, but they won’t be manufacturer-branded either. Instead, they will branded (or at least marketed) as ‘made by Google’. You can check out the new event promo video below or click through to YouTube to grab the sign up link to sign up for further information.