New Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Burns A 6-Year-Old Boy

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been announced at the beginning of August, and at first, it seemed like this might be an overwhelming success for the company. Initial reactions were great, and pre-order numbers were out of this world, and then… well, problems occurred. Several reports surfaced saying that the Galaxy Note 7 units have a tendency to explode while charging, and after conducting an investigation, Samsung found out that a small portion of their devices actually have battery issues, and the company had decided to recall their new flagship phablet. Samsung is looking to replace already sold Galaxy Note 7 units, and plans to re-launch the device soon, but negative reports are still coming, read on.

The Galaxy Note 7 was blamed for quite a few accidents by now, the phone is, allegedly, to blame for a $1,800 damage in a hotel room, while it also burned down a car recently, at least according to reports. Well, yet another accident occurred, this time in Brooklyn, New York. A 6-year old boy was burned by the Galaxy Note 7 as the phone exploded in his hand, and the boy had to be taken to the Downstate Medical Center as soon as possible. His grandmother, Linda Lewis, said that the boy was watching videos on the device when the accident occurred. Luckily for the family, the boy is now alright, and is back home, but is afraid to go anywhere near smartphones it seems. The report says that the company has been in touch with Samsung, but it does not reveal any additional information.

Now, for those of you who own the Galaxy Note 7, the company is strongly suggesting that you turn off the device until you exchange it. You have two options, you can get a Galaxy J on loan until Samsung starts shipping new Galaxy Note 7 units, or you can exchange their flagship phablet for the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge, in which case you’ll also get some cash back considering the Galaxy Note 7 is more expensive than both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. This is a very messed up situation for Samsung, and one they’ll want to forget as soon as possible. It will be interesting to see how well will the Galaxy Note 7 sell after Samsung relaunches it, the device had received tons of bad press ever since the problems started.

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