Moto Ads Feature JBL Sound Boost & Insta-Share Projector

Motorola Lenovo Moto Z moto mods 2

When Lenovo bought Motorola Mobility from Google a couple of years back, nobody knew what to expect. Well, this is the first year that Lenovo has put its stamp of approval of the new Moto devices – the Moto Z Play, the Moto Z, and the flagship, the Moto Z Force. What Lenovo and the Moto team have done here is offer a price range for most people, and the Moto Z Force can easily compete with any other flagship out there, making this lineup a worthy set of contenders.

What makes these new smartphones so different – even the entry level Moto Z Play – is that they can all use Moto Mods to add capabilities to your device. You can add a Hasselblad Moto Mod that adds a larger sensor, a 10x optical zoom, and a much bigger flash. By employing the optical zoom, the lenses are doing the work of focusing as opposed to digital zoom that enlarges the picture electronically – including the digital ‘noise.’ There are also many Style Mod backs that will change the look of your device. You can also purchase a Mod that increases the battery by 2200mAh and adds wireless charging.

Moto is putting out videos showing off the Mods of the new Moto Z, highlighting the JBL Sound Boost mod as well as the Insta-Share Projector Mod. The first video below shows is of the JBL Sound Boost, which showcase a cop in hot pursuit of a thief which chasing them on foot, only to stop due to lack of having the right tunes for motivation. The second Moto Mod which is shown in the video below is of the Insta-Share Projector, available for $300. This is the same video which was shown following the official Moto Z announcement, but regardless it's still a delightful video to watch especially if you have interest in picking any of the Moto Z family phones as well as this Moto Mod. If you haven't seen these ads yet, you can give both of them a watch below, each of them lasting only about a minute, which is plenty of time to get the point across.