Misfit Announce New Customization Options at IFA 2016


Where fitness trackers are concerned, there are a number of big players that the majority of users have heard of. Many of you will be familiar with Fitbit, who just announced their new Flex 2 and Charge 2 trackers, but a lot of you will have heard of Misfit as well. A company that was recently purchased by Fossil, Misfit has been offering users affordable and understated fitness trackers for a few years now. In fact, while Fitbit have joined the swimming party with the new Flex 2, this is something that Misfit has been involved in for some time. Now, during IFA 2016, the firm is announcing a whole new raft of accessories for their popular Ray and Shine 2 trackers, as well as new tracking capabilities with a little help from Speedo themselves.

For the Shine 2, which is a band style wearable that can removed and worn as a necklace or wherever else you want on your body, Misfit is introducing a huge amount of new options. Offering up to 80 different new ways to wear the Shine 2, the company is introducing fourteen new color options of the Sport Band, a further four new Field Band styles all put together with either woven nylon or genuine leather and to round things out they're introducing the new Halo necklace for the Shine 2. The Halo will be available in three different colors. For their Ray tracker, which is the more Fitbit-esque of the pair, Misfit is introducing new materials which include leather, paracord and more in a range of thirty new accessories. Misfit has always been known for offering a wide range of different accessories and different styles for their trackers, and with this new wave of color options and materials, Misfit continues to uphold that tradition.

For those that might not have heard of Misfit, the Ray and Shine 2 are trackers that are designed to be affordable and long-lasting, with prices starting at $79.99 and $99.99, respectively. They both have a user-replaceable battery – similar to a watch – which lasts for as long as six-months and they're both great for swimmers as well. Users with either of the two can pay an extra fee of $9.99 to get access to Misfit's swimming tracking provided by Speedo themselves.

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