Minesweeper Flags Is A Different Take On A Familiar Game

Most of you have probably played the Minesweeper game at some point in time. This game usually ships with desktop Windows operating system, and has been available for a long, long time. This game was initially released back in 1989 by Microsoft, and it is still available in one form or the other. Speaking of which, we’ve stumbled upon a Minesweeper game in the Google Play Store quite recently, though this Minesweeper game is somewhat different than the one you’re used to, read on.

This game is called ‘Minesweeper Flags’, and even though it’s reminiscent of the original, your goal is somewhat different here. In the original Minesweeper game you don’t exactly have an opponent, well, you do here, at least in some modes. You’re playing either against the AI, or against other people online, though there’s a single player campaign mode here as well. Your goal here is not to avoid stepping on mines, but to actually step on them, or in other words, find them. Whoever discovers more mines in a single game, wins. There are a number of difficulty levels when you’re playing against an AI, which keeps things interesting. Levels do differ quite a bit, though in every level you get a set of fields you need to tap on, even though they’re differently shaped and what not.

The graphics in this game are not exactly the greatest, but nobody expects mind-blowing graphics in games like this one. The UI of the game also seems a bit outdated, it’s not exactly designed based on modern guidelines, but it is possible that the developing company did this on purpose, so that the game keeps its classic charm. Speaking of which, this game was developed by Rubicon Development, which is a well-known company in the Android world. This company had released games such as Great Little War Game, Solitaire Patience, Word Search, etc. The Minesweeper Flags game is free to download, though do keep in mind that in-app purchases are included here. If you’d like to check out the game’s design before you download it, take a look at the gallery down below.

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