Microsoft Next Lock Gets Bing Searching

Microsoft's Next Lock Screen for Android includes a huge number of bells and whistles that put it head and shoulders above most other third party lock screen apps out there. Things like native fingerprint support, app shortcuts, customizable content, and ease of use make it one of the top lock screen solutions in the game. Like any other Android app by Microsoft, of course, it is constantly being built and improved upon to help the Redmond giant keep themselves relevant on their rival's ecosystem. Updates in the past have brought a number of small tweaks and stability features that have made it one of the easiest, quickest third-party lock solutions, as well as one of the most feature-rich. Friday's update for Next Lock Screen finally brings Next Lock into profitability for Microsoft by allowing users to run a web search directly from their lock screen via Bing.

The update, which brings the app to version 3.7.1, comes with Bing search capabilities. In the same vein as browsing favorite apps, users can now find a search bar within Next Lock Screen that will allow them to conduct a web search without ever unlocking their device. The search isn't done in a browser that the user has downloaded, like searches using Google Now voice commands, but is done without unlocking by using a built-in, lightweight browser.

Interacting with content on the web, of course, may require unlocking, but being able to quickly look up something on the fly without having to unlock your phone and dive into your app drawer is a definite time saver, even given the inherent security risks and the possible inconveniences associated with pocket searches. For the time being, the feature only supports Bing, and Microsoft has not announced whether any other search engines will be brought on board, or when such a thing would happen, should they decide to pursue it. Despite that, if a quick search from your lockscreen to shave a few seconds off of your phone-in-hand time sounds like a pretty cool feature, head through the source link or click the Play Store button below, and give the updated app a try.


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