Mars: Mars Game Lets You Become An Astronaut And Fly On Mars

As part of the job, we get to play various different games during our work day, and from time to time we stumble upon some really interesting titles that we just have to share with you. Now, there are tons of compelling games currently available in the Google Play Store, and a game we’ll talk about now has actually managed to become quite popular lately, mainly thanks to its fluid, simple and somewhat innovative gameplay, read on.

The game in question is called ‘Mars: Mars’, and it’s quite possible you’ve heard of it already. This is a relatively new game by Pomelo Games, a company that might not be that well-known considering this is their only game on Android for now, but judging by this game's success, they really do have something to offer to the Android gaming community. Anyhow, the Mars: Mars game is categorized as an action game, and even though this might technically be an action game, it resembles a simple platformer more than anything. The game is incredibly simple, as your goal is to land from one platform to the other using thrusters on your jetpack, now, this might sound extremely simple to do, but it’s not, especially not later on in the game. Once you get boosted up in the air, you have a limited amount of fuel to land a platform, and the developing studio made sure that you have just enough fuel to land properly, without making any mistakes in the progress, which is what makes this game so challenging. You basically go from one platform to the other and repeat the process, though every landing is different, of course.

Now, the game’s graphics might not be the highest-end graphics you’ve ever seen, but it’s quite nice and pleasant, which is a part of this game’s appeal. As part of this gameplay, there are a ton of goodies you can pick up during the game, while you can also get more astronauts to Mars to help you jump around and fulfill your goal. There are some additional features in the game, like the ability for you to take selfies with surveillance cameras, etc. This game is free to download and play, even though in-app purchases are included here, but we really didn’t feel the need to purchase anything, the game certainly doesn’t force you to do anything like that. Feel free to check out some official images in the gallery down below before you download this game.

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