Luna Launcher Makes Your Android Smartphone Kid Proof


Mobile phones have come a long way in a couple of decades, from starting out as a luxury item to becoming an indispensable communication tool used by just about everyone, including children and their parents. Some parents, however, may be hesitant to give their children smartphones with so many capabilities as their use can be difficult to regulate. Parents may wish to restrict the device to user certain apps, or only allow it to call specified phone numbers, and that's where Luna Launcher comes in.

Luna Launcher is a new take on the idea of an app that will make your device "kid-friendly." The launcher, which is a replacement for a smartphone's built-in app launcher, has specific customizations that offer the user enhanced control over the way the device can be used. Upon setting the app up for the first time, it asks whether the device will be primarily used by a parent or child, which will help it decide whether to prioritize Luna Launcher or the existing default. After setting a name and avatar, the launcher allows the user to pick apps that the child is allowed to access, as well as contacts that they are allowed to call and text. The app requests permission to track usage, so that it can report how much time your child spends on their smartphone, and finally, asks for a security method to prevent unauthorized changes, which is optional. This should be selected for those who want an extra layer of protection that will make it difficult for their child to gain access to restricted apps by changing settings. Aside from the ability to restrict or grant access to specific apps and phone numbers, there are some customization features that add to the level of control you have over the way the launcher works. For example, it includes a customized replacement for the YouTube app, which allows you to restrict specific YouTube content that may be inappropriate. In terms of aesthetics, this launcher is good for all ages. It is simplistic in function and design but has a sleek and mature look that older children will appreciate.

While Luna Launcher does provide parents some peace of mind, it will not prevent children from accessing restricted content in all cases. Parents will have to take extra care to make sure that the app can't be bypassed. For example, if the child is granted access to the settings app, it is possible that they could uninstall the launcher. And on devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, apps that have been restricted can still be opened in multi-window mode. Still, with the appropriate precautions in place, parents can feel comfortable giving their children smartphones knowing that they won't be misused. To get Luna Launcher, visit the Google Play Store link below.


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