LG V20 Specs Leak Ahead Of Today's Expected Launch


As the launch of the LG V20 approaches, LG's follow-up to last year's V10, bits and pieces of information continue to slowly become available about the device. The device, for the most part, has remained a mystery up to this point, as there have been no substantive leaks thus far. One of the notable features that have already been revealed about the V20 is that it will be among the first devices to ship with Google's latest version of Android, Android 7.0 Nougat. A few photos and renders of the device have also been leaked, but now some new info about its hardware specifications has become available.

The leaked information was uncovered by Chinese microblogging website Weibo and highlights some of the hardware that is rumored to be included in the device. According to the report, the V20 will pack a 5.7-inch 2K display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel dual camera, and a generous 4,000mAh battery. Like previous LG devices, the V20 will likely not have a physical home button on the front, so the fingerprint sensor will be located on the back of the device. In terms of software, as already mentioned, the device will ship with Nougat, which will include LG's customized user interface. And it is safe to assume that the V20 will include the signature feature of last year's model, a separate narrow display located directly above the main display that operates independently. This bar at the top uses only a small amount of battery power, allowing it to stay on all the time, and can contain app shortcuts, notifications, and custom actions that can be performed quickly without the need to turn on the primary display and navigate through menu options.

This leaked information is, of course, only rumored at this point. Pricing information is not yet known, but going by the selling price of last year's V10, it's reasonable to expect that the device will be priced similarly to other current high-end flagship smartphones, and will likely be available in most major markets, including the U.S. It is expected to be launched later today, so stay tuned, we'll report back soon.

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