LG Doesn't Have Much To Say About Galaxy Note 7 Recall


While there's no question that Samsung is bigger than their local rival, LG, the smaller OEM has their moments in the sun. When news hit that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was being officially recalled right on the cusp of the LG V20's release, some may have expected LG to dive in and take a shot at their old rival in order to make their product look better in an effort to win over scorned Galaxy Note 7 buyers or would-be buyers. After all, in such a dog eat dog business, it only makes sense to kick a foe when they falter. However, LG's mobile chief made a statement going in the opposite direction entirely.

Rather than capitalizing on the recall, Cho Juno, LG's chief of mobile, essentially blew the whole thing off. Instead, he stated that "What's important is how our product is recognized by consumers," taking the high road in pointing out the distinction of the V20, rather than playing it up as a viable alternative to the fallen Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy Note 7 and LG V20 are both fine phablets and comparisons are bound to be made, but Juno was not going to be the one to make them. While talking about the LG V20, he did manage to throw in a low-key jab of sorts while defending lithium-ion batteries, the industry standard. He said that the LG V20 was originally meant to be a bit bigger and slimmer, but that LG reconsidered in the fate of the inevitable battery life issues that design would cause, going with a replaceable unit instead. After this, he interjected, ""But I don't think battery type is directly linked to safety."

While it may seem counterproductive to not jump on an opportunity like this to get an edge on your rival in the market, taking the high road and playing it close to the vest may be better for LG in the long term, when it comes to the V20 and the future of the V lineup in general. The V lineup is built upon its unique looks and features, mainly the high-end audio and video, and the second screen. Juno's statement could be taken a number of ways, but one of the more obvious meanings is that he wants consumers to recognize the LG V20 for what it is; not just a good alternative to the Galaxy Note 7, but a unique and premium smartphone in its own right.

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