Lenovo Is Bringing Back Hello Moto


Ever since Lenovo acquired Motorola back in 2014, the company has been doing everything in its power to integrate the unit within Lenovo’s own mobile division and has set out to rebrand the popular American manufacturer. At the beginning of the year, the Chinese company announced plans to get rid of the Motorola name and simply use the Moto branding from now on, so all marketing efforts would concentrate on the Moto name and iconic batwing logo.

With the announcement of the Moto G4 and Moto Z lines, the company did keep its promise when it came to using the Moto name, but the iconic batwing logo didn’t appear to be as prominent as was expected – even the boot animation was modified in favor of one that simply said Moto. Today, though, Moto USA has revealed that the batwing logo is sticking around and has unveiled a new marketing campaign. As part of the new campaign, Moto devices will be updated with a new boot animation that includes the iconic batwing logo alongside the even more iconic “Hello Moto” tagline, which was first used by the company way back in 2002 and will now also be used in future marketing campaigns for the brand.

The Hello Moto slogan was so popular at one point that it was included in most of Motorola’s adverts and the smartphone manufacturer even went as far as using the slogan as its official website for a period of time. The change in marketing strategy comes just as Lenovo is rolling out its Moto Z line around most of the world, after a limited release in the US under the Droid brand over the summer. The next country that will see the launch of the Moto Z line is currently India and the company’s Indian twitter account appears to have been one of the first ones to make use of the new tagline, so it’s likely that Indian consumers, as well as other consumers around the world, will start seeing the Hello Moto tagline more and more as new Moto devices go on sale and Lenovo starts rolling out their respective Moto marketing campaigns.