Inbox Now Asks If You Want To Share Recently Taken Photos


Inbox by Gmail does a great many things now that it's been out for quite some time, and today it seems that a new feature is starting to make the rounds to Inbox users, as the app looks to be asking people if they'd like to share recently taken photos. With that said, this isn't something which has appeared as a new feature as part of an application update, so you may see Inbox ask you this question and you may not. According to the details people are seeing this message display at the bottom of the screen when composing a new email, but only if they've recently taken a picture.

Keeping things true to form with Inbox and it's automated functions, the Gmail team is trying to make it as simple as possible to attach images into your email messages anytime it thinks you might want to share them with whoever you're writing an email to. How recent the photos have to be isn't mentioned anywhere, and that makes sense given that this isn't a feature that Google themselves have announced yet. When they do officially announce it, assuming they do, it's also possible that Google may not list any amount of time in regards to recently taken pictures, and may simply categorize them as "recent."

Whether or not this is a feature that Google is rolling out to Inbox users in batches or simply testing for the moment is still unclear, but what is clear is that it isn't showing up for all Inbox users. While this isn't technically a full-on feature for everyone just yet, it does follow other recent and official changes to Inbox that have gone out over the past month or more, including the addition of alerts for Github and Project updates, as well as the new search interface that Google seems to have started testing in Inbox around August 30th. When these automated messages pop up asking about sharing photos, users who don't have a desire to attach any pictures to their emails can simply dismiss the message using the little "x" button on the right hand side, or if they do want to share any images they can tap the camera icon on the opposite side of the message.



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