HTC Pokes Fun At Apple With One M8 Dual Camera Reference

Apple's big phone reveal of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus happened just yesterday, and other phone manufacturers are wasting no time in having a laugh at Apple's expense. HTC for example, pokes fun at Apple's use of the dual-camera setup by referencing their own use of a dual-camera back with the HTC One M8, which they're keen to point out was launched over two years ago. Of course, they weren't alone as OnePlus took a jab at Apple for the iPhone7's lack of a 3.5mm audio port, while the Moto team had some fun with Samsung's unfortunate situation over the Galaxy Note 7's exploding battery which caused the South Korean company to have to issue a major international recall.

Although it is true that HTC was first out of the gate between them and Apple when it comes to a dual-camera setup, it shouldn't be forgotten that Apple's implementation of it on the iPhone 7 Plus is a little bit different than what the HTC One M8 was capable of. Having said that, it does showcase the fact that companies borrow ideas from each other all of the time even if Apple didn't borrow this idea directly from HTC, and there is really nothing wrong with that. It's what helps make new devices exciting, as some companies may use one element in a device before another, and other manufacturers may take notice and want to improve their own devices by using similar tech in later products.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and while Apple may not have used the HTC One M8 as inspiration for their own use of a dual-camera design on their new hardware, the HTC One M8 could be considered a minor reference point as they were pioneering the use of two rear cameras on smartphones before other companies. Taking a step back from all of it and without digging too much into the complexities, you can at least appreciate the joke HTC is making even if it has little basis. Apple also won't be the last company to use a dual-camera design on their hardware, and irregardless of who used what hardware first, most consumers are likely going to be happy with the changes.

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