Hopper Adds Watch Filters To Customize Airfare Alerts

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Hopper is an indispensable app for those who travel frequently. The app uses special data analysis algorithms to predict flight prices up to six months in advance, and according to the company, does so with 95% accuracy. It is a great tool for finding the least expensive fairs, however, starting today, it adds a new trick to its arsenal, which allows users to narrow down airfares based on other criteria besides price, ensuring that they find the best trip for them rather than just finding the cheapest one.

With Watch Filters, users can now set their own person flight preferences. These preferences will be applied to airfare searches to present users with the most appealing options to them, based on the criteria they’ve set. Some of the available filters include the number of stops, time spent on layovers, and basic fares, which are fares that, while less expensive, come with impractical restrictions that users may find frustrating. In addition to providing a price prediction once the filters have been set, the app will also provide a recommendation as to whether the user should buy now or wait for a lower fare. If Hopper recommends waiting, there is an option that says “watch this trip,” which will keep an eye on the prices and provide an alert when the airfare in question is the best value. Even with these filters in place, the company still claims that results carry a 95% rate of accuracy, which is impressive, considering that in comparison to less expensive airfares, which only start to fluctuate in price about six weeks prior to departure, prices for premium flights jump around quite a bit more, and tend to hit their low around four months prior.

While the app previously focused on saving users money, this new feature allows them to find their ideal flights based on their individual needs, whether or not they happen to be the least expensive flights. So whether you are looking to save a bit of money on airfare, or just want to ensure a comfortable and stress-free ride, this app could be a great tool if you travel frequently. If you haven’t used the app yet and would like to give it a try, or simply need to update it to the latest version, a Google Play Store link can be found below.


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