Google's Oct. 4th Event May Reveal Merged Android/Chrome OS

Google Logo New AH 1

The merging of Android and Chrome OS software has been talked about before, but so far the closes to merging the two platforms that Google has come was with Android app and Play Store compatibility with Chrome OS. As of yesterday it seems like the possibility of this being a project that Google was working on is more real than ever, as a cryptic tweet from Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer and a new rumor that states Google may tease the merged software at their upcoming event on October 4th surfaced on the web. According to the rumor, Google’s codename for the software is called Andromeda internally, and the belief that the company could tease the software at the event does seem to fit if you consider Lockheimer’s tweet that states “We announced the 1st version of Android 8 years ago today. I have a feeling 8 years from now we’ll be talking about Oct 4, 2016.”

The launch of Android was a really big deal for Google, and with Android having turned 8 years old yesterday it seems that Google may have something big in store. The tweet, which was potentially thought to be hype for the upcoming Pixel devices actually may have to do with Google’s announcement or tease of Andromeda, which would be a rather big thing for Google to unveil, and then talk about 8 years down the road just as they’re doing now with Android.

While there is still a good chance that Google may not demo or showcase Andromeda in any way on October 4th, it would appear that they at least plan to mention it, even if indirectly and without actually explaining what it truly is. Having said that, Google must have something in store that is likely to be a major reveal in one way or another, as any of the hardware products that they have to show off on October 4th likely won’t be the topic of conversation eight years from now. A merged version of Chrome OS and Android software would allow Google to bring together the mobile and laptop computing worlds, and offer something up to consumers that would have the best parts of both platforms. Even if Google doesn’t show off Andromeda visually at this upcoming event, it’s starting to become clear that the event is massive, with numerous pieces of hardware due to either be announced or launched, and now seemingly a new piece of software.