Google Photos Now Creates Themed Movies Of Your Pictures

AH 2015 Google Photos LOGO 86

Google Photos has been around for a number of years now, but it only really became one of Google’s mainstream services last year, when they relaunched the service and distanced it from Google+. It’s fair to say the service has been a pretty big success for the company, with millions of people using the app as their photo hub, mostly due to the unlimited storage Google offers, though its unique creative features surely play a part in the app’s popularity.

Among the service’s many features are video montages, which essentially collect all of a user’s photos or videos from a certain trip and combines them together in order to create a small movie-like creation. Now, though, Google is taking the next step with the feature and is preparing to launch a new kind of video, something they call “concept movies.” Essentially, the feature creates a video based on the content. One of the examples Google provides is called “They Grow Up So Fast,” which, as the title may suggest, creates a video filled with photos and short videos of children as they grow up – Google has assured that the new algorithm that creates the videos will pick only the best pictures and videos, meaning ones that are blurred or have other unwanted extras shouldn’t be included. Aside from these two concepts, Google has also confirmed that they will be rolling out a couple of other concepts later this week, specifically, one that commemorates the best moments of the summer and another designed to celebrate events, such as birthdays or weddings.

Moving away from the new type of videos, Google is also including another extra in this update, namely an improved sharing experience. Users can now share inside the app itself, with contacts that have the app installed now appearing at the very top along with a small icon next to their faces so that they can be distinguished from the ones who don’t have Google Photos. If a user shares a photo or media with their friend who has the app, they will be informed through the app itself and will have immediate access to the shared content, as well as the option to add the photos to their own libraries or even leave a friendly comment. For users who don’t have the app, they will be informed via SMS or email and will receive the usual web link to the shared content. Google has confirmed the new update rolls out today around the world and will be available for the Android, iOS and Web apps.