Google Introduces Google Trips, The One-Stop Travel App


In case you haven't noticed, Google likes helping people get from A to B. If you are looking to get from anywhere to anywhere, Google Maps will almost certain prove helpful. While if you are looking for a flight, Google Flights is there to help and Google Destinations will even help you plan your entire vacation if that's what you want. Not to mention, if you do plan a rather comprehensive itinerary, the likes of Inbox by Gmail will neatly group all your travel arrangements together in one easy to read (and more importantly, easy to find) email chain. Well, it now looks like Google is taking that notion even further as Google today unveiled and made available a new app, called 'Google Trips'.

Now this is not the first time this app has come through the news as it has been long-expected to be arriving with various leaks and sneak peaks coming through over the last couple of months. However, for those new to this app, the idea behind Google Trips is that it is the only app that you will ever need when travelling. This is because it comes packed with a number of new tricks. One being the condensing of all your travel information together for when you need it. Another is its use of offline compatibility. As many will know, when travelling (and especially abroad) data adds up and finding the information you need, when you need it, costs in data terms. With the Google Trips app much of this data can be saved as the information is pulled from your Gmail, cached and made available locally on your device, without the need for a cellular or WiFi connection. This includes everything important you will need, such as flight, hotel and car details, reservations, receipts and so on.

Of course, these are just the more noteworthy features as the app also comes with a ton of additional information you can make use of as well. Including location information (for the top 200 cities worldwide), like day plans or reservations you might have, things you could do, places to eat, drink, visit, shop, etc. As Google puts it, "Google Trips is a personalized tour guide in your pocket". If you are planning on heading away soon (or just want to give the latest Google app a spin), you can find out more about Google Trips by heading through the source link, or downloading Google Trips through the link below, or checking out the new Google Trips promotional video, which is also below.


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