Google Gives Apps For Work A New Name With "G Suite"

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Google has officially renamed its Apps For Work package as G Suite, a decision that Google states was made to help bring people together. Collaboration in the workplace is a big thing and an important factor for things to run smoothly, and while Google Apps For Work has done a stellar job for many businesses in its time of availability, G Suite is a name that Google feels will be able to “better reflect” what they want to do with their comprehensive offering of productivity and communication tools that are used by tons of businesses across the globe.

All that said, those who use Google Apps For Work need not worry about losing anything or about being forced into something entirely new, as the shift from Apps For Work to G Suite is all about a new streamlined and easily understandable name, that fits with Google’s mission to connect businesses and their employees together so that they can operate as efficiently and as successfully as possible. In addition to the new name, Google has also sent out individual updates to a few of the apps that are part of G Suite to enhance the already robust experience that they offer to the people and the businesses that use them.

Included in these updates are Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, as well as an update Calendar, and an update to Drive. While there is nothing really different with the included G Suite apps besides the name change and the enhanced functionality, the new name does provide a new message of its goals, and reiterates what Google is trying to accomplish with this set of tools, which is to help information “flow freely” between colleagues no matter where they are in the world. This includes that same information to be passed back and forth between devices like laptops and desktops, smartphones, and tablets so that anyone who is part of a business or team which uses G Suite apps is capable of getting things done no matter what device they have in front of them as well, keeping things moving, and keeping things working as they should. Google explains the name change pretty effortlessly in a new video (which you can view below) as well as through a few GIF images which they partnered up with illustrators to create.