Galaxy Note 7 To Resume Sales Sep 28, Starting In South Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS logo 1

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have had a lot of information to digest over the last twenty four hours. Ever since the Galaxy Note 7 was officially recalled in the US, the information on what to do has been coming in thick and fast. Although the main and overriding point is clear – if you do own the Galaxy Note 7 then you should return the smartphone as soon as possible. For those that are returning their devices, Samsung has already confirmed that if they are based in the US, they should expect a replacement in their hands no later than September 21. Which is literally next Wednesday.

But what to do if you do not already own a Galaxy Note 7 but do intend on buying one of the newer and problem-free batch handsets? Well, at the moment there is little that can be done. While the Galaxy Note 7 remains in a state of recall, sales are halted in those regions. However, a report from CNN today does note that sales are due to resume fairly soon with September 28 being the date suggested.

However, that initial September 28 day mainly applies to South Korea at the moment. The report suggests that the re-availability of the Galaxy Note 7 will begin in Samsung’s home location first. Unfortunately, dates have not been provided for when consumers in other locations will also be able to pick up a new Galaxy Note 7. Although this is likely to be due to the dates having yet to be confirmed, as the Samsung spokesperson was noted explaining that availability will begin in other countries ‘when conditions allow’. Which does seem to indicate that Samsung will not (or maybe cannot) resume sales in select areas while there are handsets still waiting to be returned. If that is the case then it seems likely Samsung will continue to replace potential problem Galaxy Note 7s on a phone-by-phone basis and until all are accounted for. Once they are accounted for (or close to), then the Galaxy Note 7 will likely resume in those locations or at least further details on when its general availability is due to begin again, will be announced.