Exploding Phone In A Child's Hands Was Not A Galaxy Note 7


Asking if you remember the other day when a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploded is largely a redundant question now. As the last few days has seen multiple reports coming through of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones either exploding, catching fire and/or setting fire to other things. So while 'a Galaxy Note 7 exploding' won't trigger a memory of an exact event, what will trigger the memory was the news that a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 reportedly exploded while a child was using the smartphone.

Due to the nature of a child using a smartphone after it had been publicly recalled, attracted significant media attention and rightfully so. However, it is now seeming as though not everything was quite as clear as it first seemed. The original report which detailed that this was a Galaxy Note 7 came from the New York Post, with the information apparently being relayed to the Post from the Grandfather of the child in question. Now, however, another report has emerged from NBC New York and this one paints a slightly different picture of the event.

First off, the unchanged details are as follows. A Samsung smartphone did reportedly explode. A child is said to have been using the smartphone at the time. However, it seems it was not actually the Galaxy Note 7 that the child was using. Instead, and according to information which this time is being relayed through the mother of the young boy, it was actually a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone that the child was using when it exploded. Of course, this is unlikely to alter the bigger picture, as this was still a Samsung smartphone. In fact, coupled with the reports of the Galaxy Note 7 and the other reports of Galaxy S7 devices exploding and/or catching fire (that have come to light since the Note 7 coverage started), it could even raise wider cross-devices questions about the stability of the batteries in Samsung smartphones. However, it also should highlight the point that while there has been a number of issues and incidents attributed to the Galaxy Note 7 in recent days and weeks, on this occasion this was not one of those issues.

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