Erato Announces Truly Wireless Earphones With 3D Audio

Erato, known for their previously crowdfunded wireless earphones the Apollo 7, have just announced two new models that are now live on Indiegogo called the Muse 5 and the Rio 3, both of which offer 3D audio according to Erato, which they're calling ERATOSURROUND, meant to "restore the missing spatial distance" that you find in other earphones. Wireless earphones and earbuds are shaping up to be one of the hot new tech products this year and beyond, with companies like Samsung having just recently launched their Gear IconX earlier this Summer, Apple announcing the truly wireless AirPods just last week, and a handful of smaller brands such as Bragi coming out with a new hearable called "The Headphone," although this is also their second introduction into the market, having launched the Dash in the beginning of the year.

Although both the Muse 5 and the Rio 3 from Erato are truly wireless earphones, the Rio 3 look more like a set of Bluetooth headsets you would use for voice, as they're larger and more defined, but make no mistake, these are truly wireless earphones meant to provide the wearer with a way to listen to their favorite tunes during just about any type of workout or exercise, and they're designed to stay put no matter how the wearer moves. They come in multiple colors including a Black, Green, Red, Grey, and Teal. Of course, like other wireless earphones or earbuds they can also be used for voice calls if the situation presents itself. The Rio 3 also deliver about 6 hours of playback time or 8 hours of talk time, which is considerably more battery life than that of competing products.

As for the Muse 5, these are Erato's introduction which are more akin to products like the Gear IconX, the Bragi Dash, and Bragi's The Headphone. They're smaller, and have no around the ear clips like the Rio 3, but are still designed to stay put in your ears thanks to Erato's special Fitseal sleeves. Erato states that anyone will be able to get a perfect fit with the Muse 5 because of the Fitseal sleeves as well as the combination of different size eartips, of which there are 9 included. When it comes to the battery life, users will get just a little less than with the Rio 3 as the Muse 5 are rated for about 4 hours of playback time or 7 hours of talk time. Having said that, this is still more than the rated 3 or 1.5 hours of playback time that you would get with the Gear IconX (depending on if you listen to music that's locally stored on the earbuds or if you stream it), and there's something to be said for that. They also come with a carrying case that can be used to charge them as well as store them, and the color of the case matches the color of the earphones which come in Pink, Blue, Black, or White options.

Both sets of earphones are also IPX5 rated for water resistance, so you won't have to worry about them getting damaged from sweat while you work out, which is a big plus. The campaign for both of these have just started, and MSRP is $129 for the Rio 3, while the more svelte and compact Muse 5 will be a bit more at $179. The good news, if you're still looking for that perfect pair of truly wireless earbuds, is that the Rio 3 and the Muse 5 are both still available in early bird pricing for those that back the campaign, which start at prices of $69 and $79 respectively.

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