Drupe App Update Includes Smart Dial And Call Recording

Drupe has released an update to their third party dialer replacement application, which includes a couple of new features: call recording and a smart dialer. For the uninitiated, Drupe is a neat application designed to replace existing dialer applications with integration for a wide number of communications applications, including Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Skype and the normal smartphone applications, plus others. The application is built around using a swipe action to dial, text or in Drupe's words, "creatively reach anyone on your contact list" using whatever communication application you wish to use. It can also be made accessible via a semi-transparent icon, so it's easy to use the smartphone for keeping in touch with people and there's a unified communications log, similar in some respects to the BlackBerry Hub. The application also includes contact-based reminders, which you can set based on a time or context against a particular name in your address book.

Drupe's two new features improve an already functional applications. The first, unified smart dialing, makes it easier to lookup and contact somebody from your address book without necessarily typing in their full name. However, it's the call recording function that is perhaps of more interest. To date, the majority of call recorder applications either do not work, or will only work with root access to the device. Some custom ROMs include call recording functionality but often these are rooted ROMs. Whilst many people root their Android device, for others this is perhaps a step too far: rooting increases the potential vulnerability to the device as it allows far greater access into the operating system platform. For this reason, some sensitive applications (typically banking and device payment ones, such as Android Pay) will not work on a rooted device. The Drupe application update enables call recording on a number of devices simply by installing an application.

As one would hope, the call recorder application picks up both sides of the conversation but because the audio coming into the device may be much quieter than your own voice, Drupe have included a speakerphone setting to automatically activate this when calling with the recorder turn on, so as to increase the volume of their sound. All recorded conversations are located in the Calls, Call Recorder, Current Recorded Calls part of the application and from here, they can be listened to, renamed and shared with another third party application (such as Gmail). Customers do need to remember their local laws about recording a conversation - for example, in the United Kingdom, both parties must be told that calls may be recorded.

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