Deezer Now Offering Family Plan in Europe

Deezer Music AH 01

There are now a handful of different choices when it comes to music streaming services, and while Spotify and Apple Music might be in the lead there are some great alternatives such as Google Play Music as well as Deezer. The former is a service that the majority of Android users will no doubt be familiar with, but the latter is something that’s a little more regional, and is well-known throughout Europe. Deezer has recently launched in the US, but it’s still most popular in the UK and Europe overall. Now, the firm is making the service a hell of a lot more affordable for families, as they’re rolling out their family plan to UK and European users.

The Deezer Family Plan offers six Premium+ accounts for the low price of €15 or £15 a month, which is a sizable saving given that each of these Premium+ accounts cost €10 or £10 on their own. The Premium+ account type from Deezer offers users the ability to listen to the company’s 40 Million tracks in high quality, as well as listen to whatever they want for as long as they want without any ads interrupting them, whether they’re offline or on. Like family plans from the likes of Spotify and Google Play, each account included in the bundle will have their own freedom to make whatever playlists they want, and Deezer’s predictive recommendations will still be tailored to each user. On top of all this however, there is what Deezer is calling a “Family Mix” which brings music tastes from all six accounts into one single mix for everyone to enjoy, or so goes the theory.

There are many reasons that you might consider a family plan like this, and saving money is chief among them, and Deezer Kids might be another reason to be happy about this new offering. This offers users the option to play their little ones kid-friendly content including nursery rhymes and other such feel-good tunes. As of writing, the Family Plan is not available in the United States, but both Spotify as well as Google Play Music offer very competitive options to Deezer’s family plan in the States.