Dead Shell: Roguelike Is An Addicting Dungeon Crawler Game


HeroCraft Ltd. is a well-known company which develops games for smartphones, Android and OS, to be more exact. This company had released quite a few titles for Android, including the vastly popular Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf game, as well as simpler titles like the 'Red Ball' series and 'Catch The Candy'. There are quite a few games available in the Google Play Store under HeroCraft's banner, so feel free to check those out. That being said, we'll talk about yet another game by this company today, a game called 'Dead Shell: Roguelike', read on.

The Dead Shell: Roguelike game is actually a role-playing game (RPG), and it sports rather simple graphics, as you can see in the provided images and video. In this game, mercenaries are fighting against various beasts in all sorts of labyrinths which the game will throw you in. Your goal is to defeat the beasts using your assault team, and you do have tons of weapons at your disposal in order to help you achieve that, ranging from axes and chainsaws to BFGs. Graphics are quite dated in this game, but that doesn't exactly influence the gameplay all that much, the game is still quite fun if you're into such titles. Not many similar games are available in the Google Play Store, so that's definitely a plus for the Dead Shell: Roguelike, even though there are quite a few dungeon crawlers available in the Play Store.

This game will keep you on the edge at all times, as you need to pay attention to your weapon supplies, but don't worry, the game is not all that difficult, it's actually quite well balanced, as long as you're paying attention. This game is free to download in the Google Play Store even though it offers in-app purchases, but it doesn't force you to buy anything, which is always a good thing. If you're interested in this dungeon crawler title, feel free to check out the embedded video down below, and the gallery in which you'll find quite a few official images. If you'd like to download this game, click on the Google Play banner which is placed below this article.


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