Chrome OS To Get Photo Resizing Feature In The Near Future


Chromebooks offer a great inexpensive alternative to traditional laptops. They typically have much more modest hardware specifications than the average Windows-based PC, but because of the way Chrome OS works, Chromebooks are able to perform well even with rather basic hardware. Chrome OS uses web-based apps, which are simple and rely primarily on internet connectivity to get things done. Unfortunately, sometimes these apps can be a bit limited in functionality. However, Chrome's native image editor will be receiving an update soon that will add a much-needed feature to its list of capabilities – the option to resize images.

Until now, resizing photos in Chrome OS could not be done with the built-in image editor. An upcoming update, however, will add the ability to resize photos in a constrained manner, which will maintain the original proportions of the photo, as well as unconstrained, which will allow the user to stretch the image horizontally or vertically. Though this may be a small tweak, it does improve the functionality of the native image editor to some degree. Of course, for those who happen to be using one of the Chromebooks that have access to the Google Play Store, this may not be necessary, as those devices can install some of the fantastic photo editing options available for Android, such as Adobe Photoshop Express. There are not many Chromebooks that support Android apps just yet, but support has been available through the dev channel of Chrome OS version 53. Although the version 53 was released to the public recently without Android app support, the update that will add this functionality to compatible Chromebooks is expected in the near future.

Those who don't have access to Android apps on their Chromebooks also have the option to use Chrome apps or photo editing websites if they desire a bit more functionality than the built-in editor offers. Chrome OS has come a long way since its inception and continues to add functionality and refine its look as time goes on. While apps exist for advanced photo editing, it's nice to have the more basic features built into the operating system so that additional apps are not required, so this is a welcome update for those frequently work with photos on their Chromebooks.

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