Carphone Warehouse: £25 For Galaxy Note 7 Shipping Delay


Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 last month, and the device has since received effusive praise from the media and public alike. Many people from around the world have been waiting to get their hands on the smartphone, but some recent reports have been pretty damaging for Samsung and its brand new phablet. While some users have reported that their Note 7 units are crashing, freezing and getting stuck in an endless bootloop cycle, that seems to be least of Samsung's problems right now with the new smartphone. That's because several Galaxy Note 7 owners have also poured into the forums complaining about their newly-bought device bursting into flames while charging.

With complaints against the Galaxy Note 7 piling up by the day, Samsung recently decided to stop shipping the device for an indeterminate period while it investigates the reports of fires and explosions. While the company tries to get to the bottom of it, retailers who had accepted pre-orders for the phablet are now left to fend for themselves against customers who are understandably upset about the whole situation. British electronics retailer, Carphone Warehouse, is one such company that is now stuck with a number of pre-orders that cannot be serviced now for obvious reasons. Faced with shipping delays, the retailer is now offering £25 ($33.19) each to its customers for their inconvenience.

As is to be expected, the delays are affecting customers right around the world and not just in the U.K. That being the case, Verizon also recently announced that it is delaying its Galaxy Note 7 shipments until September 7th. It remains to be seen how long Samsung takes to sort this thing out, if indeed there is a quality control issue with the device. While the phone still remains high on the priority list for many Android smartphone buyers, excessive delays may lose Samsung a significant chunk of its customers, if that hasn't happened already with all the negative reports regarding the device over the past few weeks. While the phone comes with a new S Pen stylus with new features and added functionality, even that allegedly comes with a design issue that leaves it stuck in its housing if pressed too hard.


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