Cardboard-Grade Minimalistic 2VR Headset Hits Indiegogo


Virtual reality solutions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from premium products like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to mid-range mobile headsets including the Samsung Gear VR. Then there are budget friendly solutions aimed to introduce anyone to the world of VR, such as Google Cardboard. Then again, Cardboard is not the most elegant, comfortable, or compact VR solution, and for this reason, a US-based startup company called Stimuli VR is now raising funds through Indiegogo in order to create "the VR headset for everyone". The product is called 2VR and it is shaped more like a pair of reading glasses than a VR headset, facilitating ease of use and portability.

Simply put, 2VR is a virtual reality headset "stand" for smartphones with display sizes of 4-inch and higher, accommodating two 34 millimeter exposed lenses. The headset can be folded like a regular pair of reading glasses, it accommodates nose paddings and adjustable ear hooks, and evidently it doesn't contain any chips or electronics as it relies solely on your smartphone's prowess to display VR content. However, it also lacks a selection trigger so this means that users will likely be limited to only a certain type of content, including 360-degree videos and photos, or simply VR content that doesn't require a lot of input on the user's part. Last but not least, the 2VR is accompanied by a so-called "2VR FABRIC" holster which can double as a cover to prevent environmental light from hitting the wearer's eyeballs, thus turning the 2VR into a sort of softer, fabric-covered Google Cardboard.

The Indiegogo campaigned aims to raise $3,000 in order to make 2VR a reality, and at the time of writing, 18 backers have pledged a total of $1,245. Prospective backers can pledge as low as $19 and higher to secure an Early Bird 2VR package, which includes one or multiple pairs of 2VR glasses. However, Early Bird packages are limited to 20 and 50 orders respectively, and backers who may want to support the project either way can pledge $35 or more. The product has an estimated delivery date of November 2016 for backers, and the Indiegogo fundraiser will last for one month before it closes.



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