Canada Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Reveals 21,953 Units Sold


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone is an extremely hot topic right now. Not just because it is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, but also because it is one which reportedly has (in some cases) some severe issues with its battery. This has led to a surge of reports coming through detailing that the Galaxy Note 7 has either exploded, caught fire, and/or set fire to other things. Needless to say, with such a problematic issue on the horizon and with such a new device, Samsung was quick to issue an informal recall of the Galaxy Note 7. One which is now expected in the US to become a formal recall with the help of the US Government.

Which is exactly what has now happened in Canada, with an official Canadian recall having occurred earlier today. The recall was announced by Samsung and the Government of Canada's department of Health and details that any Galaxy Note 7 smartphone purchased in Canada between August 19 and September 1, does need to be returned. Interestingly, as part of the recall announcement, Health Canada has provided some sales insight into the initial impact of the Galaxy Note 7 in Canada. According to those details, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released in Black (model number SMN930WK64), blue (model number SMn930WB64) and silver (model number SMN930WS64) and 21,953 units had been sold so far. Or at least, sold during the Aug 19 and Sep 1 recall period. Of which, the same report only notes one instance which took place relating to the battery.

This is of particular interest as typically speaking, details on how well the Galaxy Note 7 has sold in certain regions had yet to be disclosed fully. It is believed that the overall total of Note 7s which were shipped during the recall period stands around the 2.5 million number and this Canadian recall now effectively confirms how many of that larger number is directly relative to units that were sold in Canada. While not a substantial part of the overall 2.5 million units, it is still a fairly significant sum seeing this was essentially the first two weeks of availability in the country. Owners of the Galaxy Note 7 who do need to return their particular unit, can find out details on how to do this by heading through the source link below.

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