You Can Now Set The Taskbar App As Your Default Home Screen

There are loads of ways to make Android more functional and customizable, and an application named Taskbar is doing its part by enabling the ability to toggle a new home screen replacement feature that lets you use it as a default home launcher. Similar to the way that you would install and use apps like Nova or the new Pixel Launcher, you can set taskbar as your home launcher if you choose, as users will now find the option to turn this function on under the advanced settings. The benefits to this would be easier access to launching your applications in freeform mode, which is one of the base functions of Taskbar although this does require Android 7.0 Nougat.

While the app is much more than launching apps in freeform mode, as you can keep the launcher you were using and simply have the taskbar addition to your home screen, freeform is certainly one of the more useful if you have wanted a more desktop like experience on Android. You'll also find something similar to freeform mode on Android by way of Jide's most recent versions of Remix OS. Essentially freeform mode is just apps opening up in a floating tab that you can move around, just like on Windows. It's worth noting that apps will launch in freeform mode without setting Taskbar as your default home screen, but with it set as the default apps will always launch in freeform mode, although to make this happen users will also need to toggle an option labeled as "freeform window support."

In addition to the default option that is now in place, Taskbar also includes "miscellaneous improvements" which are likely just bug fixes and general fine tuning to make the app run smoother. This update also includes more position options, allowing you more possible choices for where the taskbar will be docked, and whether it will be horizontal or vertical. This update also introduces the option to hide apps from the start menu if you feel like you need a little more privacy. If you haven't yet and you'd like to try out a little more functionality with Taskbar on your Android device, the update should be live on the Play Store for everyone to install.

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