Braven 405 Active Bluetooth Speaker Can Play All Day


It can be a real bummer when your day is in full swing and your Bluetooth speaker decides to throw in the towel. Braven is a manufacturer whose Bluetooth speakers' claim to fame is their great sound and battery life, and it looks like their latest, the Braven 405 Active, is cranking that trend in battery longevity up to 11. The newest addition to the Braven family sports battery life of up to 24 hours thanks to a pretty large 2100mAh battery, along with audio enhancements under the hood and a number of other cool features that aren't often found together in one device .

For starters, the Braven 405 Active isn't greedy about its sizeable energy stores; the speaker's secondary function is as a power bank, and it's willing to give up its entire 2,100mAh of juice to any smartphone or tablet in need. This means that most devices out there can squeeze in an extra 2 or 3 hours of on-screen time. The speaker also lives up to its "Active" namesake in that it's durable and can withstand a dunking thanks to its IPX7 certification. On the audio side, users can get their tunes into the speaker through Bluetooth from up to 33 feet away, or by a 3.5mm input jack. Those tunes will go through two different HD drivers, as will the voice of anybody that the user takes advantage of the passive mic to call or be called by. The speaker weighs in at 10 ounces, and supports A2DP version 1.2, HFP 1.6, and HSP 1.2.

The speaker is available now on Braven's website through the source link. It will run you $79.99, and comes in a deep black, a snowy alpine, electric yellow, a blue and yellow energy color scheme, periwinkle, pink raspberry, and a burning sunset color. The black option is already available to buy, and the other colors are listed as "coming soon", with no date specified on the website. The speaker could make a perfect companion on the road, outdoors, or just chilling out in your front or back yard on a beautiful day. The price is on par with other speakers in its class, given the feature set.


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