Bluboo Dual Is A Dual Camera Phone & Looks Better Than The iPhone 7 Plus

The smartphone arena is one which sees a much greater level and speed of development than a number of other markets. It is not just smartphones that evolve quickly either, but also their parts inside. A two-pronged approach that means even while smartphones are evolving quickly, the parts inside can become outdated even quicker. Of course, as smartphones do evolve, they ultimately do become much more functionally for the end user and offer a far greater experience than ever before. This could be either at the software side of the equation with the latest version of an operating system being updated or through new hardware that is optimized for a better user experience.

This week saw Apple officially introduce and launch their latest iPhone member, the iPhone 7 Plus. And in line with many of the rumors that had been surfacing lately, the iPhone 7 Plus is now confirmed to be a smartphone which features a dual camera design. Which is not that surprising as “dual cameras” has quickly become one of those buzz phrases in the smartphone world. Largely thanks to a number of smartphones already coming equipped with such features and more smartphones already thought to be on the way in the near future, like Bluboo Mobile’s Bluboo Dual. This is a smartphone which features a dual camera setup and one which has seen a number of leaked renders coming through lately.

Of course, compared to a single camera design, dual cameras do allow smart devices to produce clearer and more vivid images and make use of purer and smoother colors. In terms of the Bluboo Dual, as this is a device which uses such a setup and one which is also expected to make use of Bluboo's exclusive image synthesizing technology, images are not only enhanced but also have color information much closer to the source.

The Bluboo Dual adopts a 13-megapixel dual rear camera setup which is in line with the highest resolution for dual cameras that is currently available. Dual cameras which not only automatically detect the shooting environment and start, but also help to improve clarity by as much as 20% due to the inclusion of a Sony sensor. Although, in spite of quite a few details coming through on the camera capabilities of the Bluboo Dual, there is little information currently available on when the smartphone will launch or how much it will cost. Although if you are in the market for a new smartphone, the new Bluboo Maya Max is still available as part of a flash sale for only $79.99.

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