Australia's Telstra to Stock Google's Pixel and Pixel XL


When Google does things like launching a new Nexus smartphone, it's often the case that their carrier partners and distributors are informed ahead of time, which is just the same as any big manufacturer. The wheels need to put in place ahead of time to get any big device launch moving, and given that the big "Made by Google" event is just a few days away now, it should come as no surprise that the leaks of the Pixel and Pixel XL just keep on coming. Earlier this week we saw more renders of the device, and we saw Google's marketing for the upcoming devices go global, touching down in Australia.

Speaking of Australia, it now looks like one of the country's biggest networks, Telstra, will be carrying both the Pixel and the Pixel XL on their network when they launch next month. The listings have appeared in Telstra's systems for the Pixel and Pixel XL in 32GB and 128GB variants, with no sign of a 64GB variant splitting the difference. That's not to say that they won't be launching a 64GB variant next month, but this could be a sign that Telstra won't be carrying every variant of the device. Color wise, it appears as though the two devices will be launching in a trio of different colors, with their own strange names to match likeĀ  Quite Black or Very Silver as well as Reality Blue. Where Telstra customers are concerned, it looks as though Quite Black or Very Silver will be available as choices to get the Pixel and Pixel XL in, as there's no sign of the Reality Blue color option in this latest leak. There is, as always, a good chance that this color option is a retail exclusive in Australia, as well as being sold direct from the Google Store online.

Carrier partners for the Nexus line of devices is nothing new, especially in Australia, but it is is nice to see that while the name for this year's devices will be changing, the status quo for how users get their hands on them is staying relatively the same. We've heard a lot about the Pixel and Pixel XL, and while all of these rumors paint a picture of a pair of powerful stock Android devices with a few niceties thrown in, and a design aimed towards the average user,we'll find out exactly what Google has been working on next week.



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