AT&T Now Has Safe Galaxy Note 7s In Stock & Ready To Replace


While the Galaxy Note 7 is still largely unavailable to buy for new customers, in the US, the status of the Galaxy Note 7 is now making a swift move to the next stage. For those unfamiliar with the current US situation, it had been largely expected that the Galaxy Note 7 will go back on general sale towards the end of October with Samsung initially stating today (September 21) as the finite date as to when current Galaxy Note 7 owners have to wait before they can get their hands on a replacement and problem-free handset.

As a result today there has been a number of announcements coming through updating the current Note 7 situation. For instance, earlier today both Verizon and Sprint announced that they now have replacement Galaxy Note 7s on hand for their customers and also already seem to be selling units too. Following those announcements, it also seems as though AT&T has their reserved stock now in place as well, ready for their customers. While AT&T has not publicly announced this as of yet, AT&T customers do seem to be receiving the confirmation directly from AT&T on this.

So in short, if you do own the Galaxy Note 7 and are a Verizon, Sprint or AT&T customer, it now seems as though the easiest way for you to get hold of a new and safe Galaxy Note 7 is to simply head to your local store. AT&T's confirmation to customers on this does note that you can walk into the store and straight swap your recalled Galaxy Note 7 for a safe one. The only major caveat being that the Galaxy Note 7 must have been bought prior to September 15. Although in reality, that should not matter for anyone as September 15 was the date when the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) officially recalled the device, meaning it could not be sold after that date anyway. In the meantime, the messages being sent out by AT&T do seem to reiterate the point being made by all of the carriers, the CPSC and Samsung, until your device is swapped out, power it down and stop using it. You can see a copy of the full message currently being sent out by AT&T below.



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