Asgard Run Is A Mythical Endless Runner Game, And It's Fun

Most of you probably remember a game called Temple Run. Now, this game is amongst the most popular endless runner games on Android, and quite probably the most popular games in general, or at least it was. Temple Run was quite popular back in the day, the original game currently has somewhere between 100 million and 500 million downloads in the Google Play Store, and it was last updated on December 1st 2014. As you might have guessed, we’ve seen tons of similar games in the last couple of years, some of those games are blatant copies of Temple Run, while others innovate, bring more to the table. Well, we’ve stumbled upon a great example of the latter quite recently, and are here to talk about that game, read on.

A game called ‘Asgard Run’ managed to grab our attention quite recently. Now, this game isn’t exactly brand new, but it hasn’t been around for that long either. Asgard Run is, much like Temple Run, an endless runner game, though it’s somewhat different than Temple Run. As its name states, this game comes with Norwegian mythology in mind, and you are required to jump, turn left or right or tackle your opponents while running. Now, unlike other endless runner games, while turning, you’re not exactly changing direction in which you’re heading, as in you’re not making 90-degree turns or anything like that, you are, however, defying physics and changing angles while running straight. So, you can basically turn upside down in a couple of swipes, a whole world in this game is placed that way, everything is defying physics and trees are also upside down, as are your enemies, rocks and tons of other obstacles you need to cross. You’re basically entering a rotating world, that might be the best way to describe it. This is somewhat hard to explain, but images in the gallery down below, and the embedded video will certainly clear things up for you.

Now, as you are running, you’ll be able to active all sorts of power-ups, while you’ll also be able to unlock weapons and armor, as well as various bonuses. New characters are going to become available to you as you’re progressing as well, while you’ll need to avoid various obstacles including rocks, trees, cliffs, exploding zombies, etc. The graphics in Asgard Run are also quite nice, and it makes the whole game that much better.

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