Analysts: Galaxy Note 7 Sales Forecast Now Lower Than Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 01 s pen write 01

It had been expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be one of the best-selling and most sought-after smartphones of the latter part of 2016 and possible even next year. However, that was before the ‘batterygate’ situation occurred and now the Galaxy Note 7 seems to be a somewhat unknown device in terms of its future, popularity and most importantly, sales. At present, this is a smartphone which remains ‘off the market’ while replacements are being sent out. With reports suggesting that it will not be until October 21 before the Galaxy Note 7 is once again available to buy in the US. Interestingly, the same day which is now being said to be the US launch date for the LG V20.

Which will likely make matters worse for Samsung, as on the day of return it will be going straight up against a major competing brand and smartphone. That is, not even taking into consideration the iPhone 7 or the new Pixel smartphones. So it is unclear how the Galaxy Note 7 will now perform. Aspects which are likely behind one of the reasons as to why BayStreet Research has now stated that they have “lowered our Note 7 forecast to ~60% of the Note 5”. Figures which will likely not be great reading for Samsung. The lowered expectations from BayStreet Research were provided as comments to Fierce Wireless and what makes the revised expectations even more concerning for Samsung is that prior to the recall, the Galaxy Note 7 seemed on track to eclipse sales of the previous model, the Galaxy Note 5.

Again, according to Bay Street Research’s data, US sales were “off to an excellent start” and in the two corresponding periods the Galaxy Note 7 was said to have been as much as 25-percent up on the sales for the Galaxy Note 5. BayStreet Research goes on to note that much of the future of the Galaxy Note 7 will be determined by the memory capacity of the consumer noting that the ‘best case’ scenario is the whole battery issue is “quickly forgotten” while the ‘worse case’ scenario is that the Galaxy Note 7 becomes remembered “like the quality of Siri or Apple Maps”, which is something that is “very difficult for consumers to forget.” One of the reasons given for the lowered forecast is that BayStreet expects that some Galaxy Note 7 owners will opt to go for the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge now instead. While that is not exactly bad news for Samsung, BayStreet Research also expect “the prime beneficiaries” of the Galaxy Note 7 saga to be the iPhone 7 Plus and the LG V20