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New smartphones are launched constantly, and there are some people out there who feel the need to get the latest and greatest the industry has to offer. Well, what do they do with their old devices? Some of them sell them off, or trade them in to get a new device. Once that happens, retailers may take these smartphones and refurbish them before being put on sale, at a lower price of course. If you are residing in India, and you are in the market for a new smartphone but don't have the financial means to get a brand new one, you can now get used & refurbished smartphones from Amazon India through the company's new store.

Amazon India has launched a separate online store on its website which sells used and refurbished smartphones. For used smartphones available on the website, they are split into three categories, being 'Like-New', 'Good' and 'Acceptable'. For devices which are 'Like-New', these are the smartphones that should work perfectly, come with no scratches and dents, and sport a perfect screen, like new. Accessories are also included with such devices. For devices which are marked 'Good', these smartphones may come with some scratches or dents, but with a perfect and fully functional display. Accessories come along with these devices as well, in case you were wondering. In the 'Acceptable' category, devices may come with scratches or dents, as well as a cracked screen, while accessories may, or may not be included in the packaging. There is also a refurbished category listed by Amazon, these devices are restored to be almost as good as new, they're expected to work perfectly and have no scratches, dents or anything of the sort. All accessories are included in the packaging as far as this category is concerned.

All devices may come with 6 months of warranty which will be fulfilled by the seller, while free shipping is also available and returns are also accepted. Amazon has also stated that delivery timelines for these products are the same as all other products which are sold and fulfilled by sellers on the company's website. A quick check on the new online store reveals a wide array of devices, ranging from flagship to budget smartphones. You can even purchase the latest flagships of 2016, such as a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, or a refurbished OnePlus 3 handset, at a lower price. The new store can be accessed from the source link down below.



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