YouTube Spaces In LA And NY Get Election-Themed Sets


YouTube is a pretty awesome place for any aspiring famous people to get their name out there, get other people absorbing their material, even get into mobile games, and of course, make their bread, if they're good enough at their craft and set up AdSense or a Patreon. One of the reasons that YouTube is so awesome is the presence of some seriously amazing creator advocacy efforts on Google's part. One such effort is called YouTube Spaces, and consists of two studios, one in Los Angeles and one in New York City, that are free for creators with over 10,000 subscribers to use. YouTube Spaces, going hand in hand with the newly unveiled YouTube Creator Store in London and hopefully others of its ilk, allow creators to take advantage of sets and equipment that they may otherwise not have access to in order to produce content that may be a caliber or two above what they normally put out.

When it comes to the United States Presidential Election, the internet is ablaze. The subject is so popular that you can download a Chrome extension to opt-out, if you'd rather not hear about it. Naturally, the phenomenon has hit YouTube in force. Many creators who have something to say end up getting lost in the din, dwarfed by bigger creators who have a larger install base and the means to create better content. Google is looking to fix that for creators who qualify to use YouTube Spaces. A few new sets have popped up for creator use in YouTube Spaces. Specifically, creators in both YouTube Spaces get a decked-out Oval Office, while NY users get a Press Office and Debate Stage, and LA YouTubers can make use of a multi-purpose stage that includes full setups for a polling place, news desk, and a press briefing room.

Both sets of YouTube Spaces users also get to enjoy some top-notch creative aid in the form of classes and workshops, but these again vary by location. Both, for starters, now host special politically-focused writing workshops. YouTubers in the NY area looking to up their game can work with Morgan Spurlock and Warrior Poets, while LA YouTubers can grab a seat in a writing workshop lead by a "seasoned improv and comedy writer."


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