Verizon's New Ad Says "Don't Be Fooled By Cut-Rate Networks"

Verizon has put out a new wireless coverage advertisement that once again enlists the help of Jamie Foxx, telling customers not to be "fooled by cut-rate networks." While Verizon's statement certainly can apply to any network other than their own, the ad takes a clear jab at Sprint's network by using another actor claiming to be Jamie Foxx for Sprint, and that you can see the resemblance if you squint hard enough. The short but sweet ad-spot proceeds to point out the differences between Verizon and Sprint's coverage maps, highlighting that Verizon's map shows a clear depiction of more 4G LTE coverage across the country when compared to Sprint's.

This wouldn't be the first video ad that Verizon has put out which takes aim at Sprint, as they recently (back at the end of June) targeted Sprint's advertisement on the "can you hear me now" guy switching off of Verizon. Carrier ads that single out another carrier or rival are also nothing new, as T-Mobile and AT&T routinely launch ads which focus on each other as well. While Sprint can often be found focusing on their 4G LTE speeds and most notably their wireless plan savings and value compared to competitors, Verizon is not bashful about their plan costs, instead choosing to focus on how much coverage they offer, boasting three times more 4G LTE coverage than Sprint's network.

Interestingly enough, Sprint's latest ad which just recently aired as well doesn't focus on any network in particular, rather it compares to all three other major U.S. wireless networks, while highlighting Sprint's improved reliability, claiming to be within 1% of AT&T and Verizon in this area and beating out T-Mobile. Of course, there were a a couple of points highlighting the cost savings on Sprint for good measure, but this is to be expected as it's one area where they differ from the two largest U.S. networks. While Verizon's claims state that they have the most 4G LTE coverage of any network in the country, T-Mobile's CTO recently stated that they would be equaling Verizon's coverage by sometime next year, which would certainly do well for the 3rd largest carrier who is often known for extremely fast 4G LTE coverage, but less coverage overall.

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